This is me

A brief description of how I
look at things. Hopefully, this
will give you a hint of who
I am and how I work.

(official version)


I began creating
websites and digital
illustrations in 1999.
Traditional drawing and
also music have been a
passion of mine all my life.

United States

I left Sweden for the US in 1986 on an adventure that kept me there until 1992, working as a tool & die maker (precision metal working).

In 1997, I returned to the US and enrolled in classes at Kent State University. Some of the classes I took were engineering graphics (cad), art history, architecture (interior) and metallurgy. A bunch of classes and a bunch of topics. Never graduated, regrettably. Left Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio for Sweden in 2001.


In 2011, I went back into the field of heavy metal and updated my skills in welding. Since then, I work as a pipe welder. Very often, I've found myself working in paper mills or heating and power plants.

This might seem like a far leap from graphic arts. However, welding can be pretty artistic at times, I think—it's a trade I have plenty of respect for.

More recent

A career change maybe? Where will creativity go?

...and the adventure continues. Good or bad, when the time comes I'm ready ;–)

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Current favorite poem (depending on the mood)

This is the Day

I'm not a soldier
I've never been to war

Though in battle – I stand my ground
I'm a warrior to the core

One thousand years in occupied country
It's still not yours to give away

So listen up little King Fly

Who ever you are
What ever you say

I don't want your mercy

Time's up my friend
Live free or die – This is the day

True Norseman – I toe no line

•  urminnes hävd  •

Any society that would give up a little
liberty to gain a little security will
deserve neither and lose both

Benjamin Franklin

...the simple voice of nature and
of reason will say, it is right

Thomas Paine

Wandering out into this great unknown
And I don't want no one to cry
But tell them if I don't survive
I was born free

Kid Rock - Born Free

Step right in if you got the balls

...and like my pop said, never turn and run

Lordz of Brooklyn - Saturday Night Fever

Sample Projects

Mp3 Player_01 (pdf)
Machu Picchu
Tesla Roadster (pdf)
Concept Car_01 (pdf)
Tropical Paradise
Sparkplug_01 (pdf)
Sparkplug_02 (pdf)

»  Uping the Ante (html)

»  Prophecy (html – mp3)